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Chapter Four: Aaron Enjoys a Mug at Bart's. :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 1 0
A man in lead by Calico-Davis A man in lead :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 3 1
Chapter Three: Calico Davis, the Small Digit
"Grea!" Pion wailed. "We tried every single communication technique under the sun, he does not understand how to do anything."  
Grea smashed her fist on the coffee table. "Words of a quiter, so shut your face you quiter!" Grea watched the small creature with some persistence before she noticed something with the small Genenomon, he was watching the news on the television and he was looking at the bottom specifically where they placed the status updates of the local weather forecast.
"All techniques except one." Grea said. "Alrighty little guy, I'll ask you one last question: Can you write with words?" Grea pulled a notepad and a automatic pencil out of the left sleeve of her jacket and she handed it to the creature. "If so, write your name and any other stuff that comes to mind."
The small white and black Genenomon stared at Grea before he sighed, he opened the pen and then he scribbled on one of the pages for a bit before he gave it back to the bounty hunter and part time doctor
:iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 0 0
Mature content
Chapter One :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 0 0
Mature content
Prologue :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 0 0
Mature content
History :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 0 0
Mature content
Chapter Two :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 0 0
Mature content
Chapter One :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 0 0
Mature content
Prologue :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 0 117
A world made in plastic
Like in any past, the pre-post is always as black as either the night sky or the darkest depths of an oil well.
But during this past, we invented something out of desperation, we made something that would outlast the human race and beyond other generations to come.
We pioneered a brand new material that became commercialized across the entire world, this material became the world and it's environment, slowly but definitely maiming the old life with it's looks and charm.
This material was forged in the fires of human greed and dispair, they had to call it call it something that would stick with it as long as it would live; almost indefinetly in fact.
They thought "Why not plastic?" to them, the name would certainly stick to the product as much as it would to the environment.
And hence, a new revolution was born from the blackened cinders of human industry and wealth. The new industrial revolution if you will.
At first the product was born a runt, barely making a whisper in it's childhoo
:iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 1 0
Pion Yume by Calico-Davis Pion Yume :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 4 5 Grea Tiranimo by Calico-Davis Grea Tiranimo :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 2 0 Calico Davis by Calico-Davis Calico Davis :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 4 20
Mature content
Chapter One :iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 0 0
The Prologue
"P-KA--U U-- T---D-R B-L-!!"
"Wha- --t, M--t-o. S-op!"
"I- a--aid th-- ca--t hap--n."
A loud crash of lightning blocked out other words of this memory.
Like every time this scene played through his mind, he couldn't exactly piece together what was happening. Just a blackened void to where he only heard shattered words, loud bangs, crashes and the gush of gale force winds.
Usually, the dream would end here like every single time before.
"Pikachu... You can't keep fighting me." A very clear, feminent voice said into the darkness that was the electric mouse's void, "You know what happens when you leave the the protective layer of atmosphere of this planet?"
'W-what?' Pikachu felt like his body was now both being crushed and frozen at the same time, 'What's a atmosphere?"
"So be it then, I hope that your remains are found and buried properly-" The voice choked for a second, "Goodbye old friend."
The frozen feeling in his body was replaced with a burning sensation, 'ARRRGH!!' T
:iconcalico-davis:Calico-Davis 0 19


When I think about it, this is the most things that I've ever posted in my entire DA journey combined.

Good work to me this year!

This is the first book made by the young Aaron Harney, a truly original work of poetic justice, mystery, murder and intrigue.
And it's based in a world after the apocalypse, almost definitely a first of its kind and most definitely not its last.

The Earth there is so different than the one that we know of today, it is so diverse that we could possibly never even comprehend it. A world too far away for our imagination to think of.

In the beginning arc of Aaron's first ever book, he will be introducing the five main characters in the novel.
The central arc will be the turning point for the tale, leading up to the end game that not many will see coming.

This book contains many twists in the massive and unseen game of lethal tactics, mystery, lies and secrets.
In this tale, we will be following in the foot steps of the following two Homo-sapiens and three Radio-sapiens:

Calico Davis: A Space-Time anomaly that was born to be a mute in a world that makes little sense to him, his past and future completely undetermined by fate... So he has to take the right path or perish.

Pion Yume: A Clone of a nationally renowned industrious leader that loaves her creator with a passion, she escaped her creator at a young age to live in the big city.
Her creator is still trying to find her, but the trail had ran cold at at the gates of Caprico City.

Grea Tiranimo: A Genetically Tampered Doctor that has a dark and destructive past that has torn apart the people she once tried to help, she tries to live out her reformed life in peace but at some point; All of our pasts will always come back to haunt us in the end.

Clair Redfre: A Police Chief that is trying to protect her city and its inhabitants from the overflowing darkness of Earth and the dangers from within her city, left to take over her fathers duty after he left eight years ago, she became the front line police chief like her dad had in just five years of her recruitment into the police force.  

Aaron Harney: A Age Old Mass Murderer that personally watched his old world go up in flames. He was the guy that lit the match after the gasoline was spilt across its surface and he continued his genocidal rampage across the remnants of the war torn Earth, somehow he was also cursed with the power to die and come back later as another entity, meaning that he never truly dies; Just wait a minute for him to shove a knife into your spine if you want to say otherwise.

Bart Ender: The guy that serves the five antiheroes their drinks at his bar; That Generic Lookin' Bar. He likes to hear what they have to say what they had done during the day and he helps them to drink their worries away... He's actually the reason that they all met in the first place.

We join these five and Bart with his bar in their lives as they all wander onto each others paths over and over again, crossing their destinies, aspirations and goals as they go on.
This narrative details these such events to show to the reader how much their world had changed after it left the hands of its precursors, this world... Our world had changed so much when we turned our backs and covered our ears and eyes so we could wait for someone else to fix our problems.

In the meantime, Earth has become so much more dynamic since we left it in the hands of destruction, so come on; Why don't you take a look at how the newer races have built our world in our place?
The world ended after world war three on 2042, humanity have officially given up on finding a solution to peace and decided to make war to get resources from other countries.

2086, A new moon moved into the orbit of the destroyed Earth, its reason that it never collided with the bullet ridden planet is unknown.

Intelligent life started to spawn on Earth again, but these creature would not look like us, they wouldn't be human, but part animal... This new life, this new blood is called Genenomon, the Genetic Monster race.
Born from the radioactive wasteland of Earth in the year 2137, they started to build, expand and grow their population; Rebuilding Earth along the way.
Establishing the thirteen Major Capitals across Earth's continents and refurbishing some of the many destroyed cities on the way.  

Humans were found and was planned to be reintroduced in the year 2258, it took a hundred and twenty-one years to find the human race in their cryogenic pods and it took another thirty years to get them out without dying from their frozen condition or falling ill to the high level of radiation that plagued the air, making their official release on 2288.

They had to be modified to be immune to the radiation, extending their live spans three-fold, while there was protest from the human race afterwards... they couldn't complain about the service that the Genetic Monster race had provided them.

But they were still xenophobic and they thought of their saviors as demons of deceit and trickery, all the while holding onto their faith of their gods.
So in the year 2293, a mere five years into the reintroduction of the human race...
The governments of the Hybrids and the Genenomon Race passed a doctorate for the entire human race; Religion must be removed from their minds, by any means necessary.

Now what is that term? History is doomed to repeat? It was even more ironic that it happened to the human race again.
After a astonishing eight years of eliminating people of religious power and using concentration tactics to remove their faith, Religion left the mind of the people and they were returned to their jobs, homes and families.

If you want to what a Hybrid is, they a race of Genetic Monster that is both a human and Genenomon, for example: A Hybrid has a human body with a cat nose, ears, paws and a tail and they are considered a feat of perfect genetic combination according to the Genenomon race, a way to feel more in touch with their human relatives and partners.  

The Hybrid race didn't come to be until around the year 2350, 2472 is when they were seen as a widely known race in many capitals, settlements and communities.  

A burnt titan of flesh with a giant mask of steel was found in a enormous cavern below the ruined city of New York in the year 2584, since it posed no threat to the world, the government of Neu Americanio named it Adam and left it alone in it's hole.  

Peace rained for nearly a hundred and fifty years until the year 2725 when many of the City states of Gigaro Asia wanted to split off from their countries and make themselves independent states that had the right of free trade to barter with other countries.
After the United Government of Gigaro Asia refused their request several times and sent out warning letters to the cities that threatened them with the violence of war to put them in their place... The surprising thing about these cities were that they loved war and they held most of the government's factories and weapons.

The U.G.G.A declared war on the city states on 2731, initiating attacks against the great capitals, they only managed to take down the thirteenth capital; Caitrious City while the rest of the cities defended themselves with their own enemies tools of trade.
A mega-company named Omni-Corp decided to take the stage during the civil war of Gigario Asia and they decided to work for the city states, supplying them with personnel, weapons, Bio-Mechs and munitions and nobody questioned it, the war officially ended on the year 2763 after the apparent destruction of the United Governments Capital Iritio City.
When both the burnt titan Adam and a unknown giant fought on the city, in the end; The newer giant was defeated and something escaped form it, Adam looked at the city's nearly destroyed state and it blew up on the spot with the force of an atomic bomb, only leaving him, burning husks of the buildings within the city and   the burnt husk of the other giant.
The entire Government fell within weeks, making the united government fall into disarray and soon enough, it all disappeared but the winning city states.
To which use their fairly won country for their own uses...

And then we get to the current year of 2774, where we have begun the story.

Thanks for sitting around for the history lesson!
I have finished and posted the entire first Act here... 

So enjoy everybody!

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Bart looked around his now empty bar, making sure that his place was nice and clean before he locked up for the night and went to bed for the night.

"Okay." The bartender said after he gave his bar a thorough look through. "I will need rewax table three and seven... other than that, I should be a-okay to shut down the place for th-" He stopped mid-sentence when he hear a knock coming from his bar's front door. "Why are there people doing here this early? Could be robbers... Gotta be safe than sorry."
Bart Ender said as he reached behind his serving bench and pulled out an Kelsova .93 auto shotgun, the perfect weapon for a busy bartender like Bart.

He inched towards the door and he held the door handle with one hand and his shotgun with the other, he could hear a few people sneeze at different times.

"Come on Bart, you can't have already locked up yet!" Bart smirked as he could reconise that voice from anywhere. "Meh nuts are fricken freezing out ere'!"

"There's a voice that I haven't heard for a while." Bart said as he yanked open his door to meet with a human wearing a black multilayered suit that would have been more suitable for a funeral. "Welcome back Aaron!"

The man in the suit chuckled. "Ah, still brandishing ya shotgun dat I gave ya for christmas huh?" Aaron asked as he and six others walked into the warm arms of Bart's bar.

"Yep, my only required tool of defence." Bart Ender looked at the other guests that Aaron had brought with him, three of them were Genetic Monsters, one of the others was a bear hybred and the final one was a human. "Anyway, who are these guys?"

Aaron chuckled. "Future customers, dey might not have a job anymore at their old work place after what I did dis mornin'."

What the dapper human said sparked a little intrigue within the bartender. "Oh yeah? What did you do?"

"Just wait and see, trust me... You'll know what I did very soon." Aaron answered as he smacked his lips. "Is ya bar open right now? I could do with a Gingerbeer on da rocks."

"Depends, do you have money to back your request up?" Bart asked.

Aaron held out a full wallet. "I stole a few grand from dere ex-employer's personal safe. So drinks will be on meh tonight."
The five extra guests cheered when Aaron said that.
"Dat's da spirit!"

"Then my bar is open for business then." Bart stated simply.

Aaron gave him a smile. "Nice." He turned to the other six people. "I told ya dis guy was cool."

Two of the Genenomon that looked almost like eachother, except that one was a girl and the other was a boy, pressumably twins, cheered.
"There is nothing better than free beer!"

The bartender laughed at Aaron's enthusiasm, even though he looked like that he was fresh from a funeral, he knew how to spread joy as much as he liked to spread the blood of his foes over large areas.

"Okay." Bart said as he got behind his counter. "Lemme get the bar ready and you can have your booze soon!"

"Hey bartender, what do ya serve?" Asked the bear hybred. "I could do with a bottle of vodka if ya can offer it."

Bart shook his head as a no. "Nah man, if you wanna get knocked onto your ass with a drink without drinking much... I'd suggest The Haunch Puller." Bart said as he started to make his concoction. "My name is Bart Ender by the way, not bartender, get it right."

Aaron tapped the anthromorthic bear on the shoulder to get his attention. "Bart is very- How do you say it?" Aaron thought about it for a moment before he continued. "Privy when it comes to his name and his job."

"Ah." The bear man responded. "Why?"

"Because... Er..." Aaron though about that as well. "Actually, Bart, why do get all sour when people call you bartender instead of Bart Ender?"

Bart gave Aaron and the Bear furry a shrug as his answer before he continued to prepare his drinks.

"Good enough!" Aaron said before he looked at the group of five that had sat themselves at Bart's counter. "I never actually got you guys names. Can somebody fill me in on the details?"

The only human raised her right hand so she could talk.
"Right, right. Since you are buyin' the drinks, I guess that it's a fair trade." She cleared her voice. "Ahem, lemme introduce myself and my crew. I'm Rokkon Junes, the big teddy bear other there is Mauler, the Genenomon that you we're using as a chair eariler was Licheal Hues, the brown one over there is Freida Crones and her twin brother Fred, the bright pink one over there is called Snuggles... We are still not quite sure what it's gender or actual name is, but he is good in hostage situations."  

Aaron nodded. "Alright, I will keep dat in mind miss Junes. My name is Aaron Luke Linsey Harney! At ya service for a price." He gave off a bow to illustrate another gentleman-like trait that he had.

Rokkon smiled. "And I'll keep dat in mind the next time we need to have something big blown up." Aaron handed the human his business card. "Okay, I'm putting your name in my contacts list for any future endevours that we may need help with."

The dapper human chuckled. "Rightio, pleasure doing business with ya."

"And it's also a pleasure for us for you to NOT smash our faces into the wall while we figure out where you were." Rokkon responded with a coy chuckle of her own before she got her serious face again. "Seriously though, I don't want to witness the sight of me staring at my own brain matter all over the floor while you do the hustle again."  

"What's wrong with the hustle?" Aaron asked.

A tall, weasel-like Genetic Monster cracked his back. "Well, ya did it on my spine ya jackass!" Licheal said as he popped his spine back into place. "I've got some fucking amazing cramps from it."

"Thank you." Aaron said.

"That was sarcassim, ya moron!" Licheal shouted before he was given a beer and he drunk it until there wasn't any of the liquid left. "Thanks bartender."

"It's Bart Ender." Bart got into Licheal's face. "BART. ENDER!!"

Licheal pushed Bart's face back onto his side of the counter. "Yeah, yeah... Gimme another beer and make it fast." The weasel Genenomon said. "I just don't wanna remember what happened tonight or tomorrow either."

"Why?" Bart looked towards Aaron, whom was holding a detonator for some explosive device. "Aaron, what are you doi-"
The bartender didn't get to finish his question as the ground rumbled under him, feeling like a earthquake had struck the city without warning. Even though the shaking was brief, it was still there.

"There." The dapper human in the suit threw the detonator away.
"Job done, now I can drink until da sea goes dry."

"What have you just done?" Bart asked with a tone of worry. "You better had not blown anything up that we would need."

Aaron grinned as he gave off a shrug, not caring for his actions.
"I blew something up, dat's what I did." The dapper human deducted. "By tomorrow, you will see why dey got what dey deserved."

The bartender sighed, knowing the human dressed in black; He did what he did for a semi-good reason.
"If you say so... What do you want to order Aaron?"

Aaron's grin still persisted when Bart asked the question. "I wanna gingerbeer on da rocks!" Aaron cheered. "And make sure dat da gingerbeer is already cold before hand so the froth doesn't spill over the sides."

"So the usual then?" Bart asked as he got out a bottle of gingerbeer and a mug half filled with ice. "Nothing alcoholic this morning?"

"Nup, I just wanna drink meh favourite drink." Aaron answered as he got his chilled beverage, Bart also gave Mauler his Haunch Puller. "Cheers mate!"
The dapper human drunk his giant mug of murky brown liquid down and Mauler fell over as he sipped his powerful drink, the legend of the drink knocking anyone onto their ass still held true and everybody chuckled.
"Hey Rokkon, what would you like to drink?"

The woman shrugged. "Anything that isn't what Mauler got fucked up on."

The dapper human chuckled. "True dat." Aaron agreed. "Hey Bart, just get Rokkon a frosty beer like Licheal will ya?"

"Sure, remember that you're paying for all of their drinks plus your own." The bartender mentioned as he went back to his work. "And if any other guys come in, you'll be paying their tabs as well."

Aaron shrugged. "Fair enough, I did say dat da drinks were going to be meh treat after all." The dapper human finished his gingerbeer in a record time. "Give meh seven more."

"Wait your turn!" Rokkon shouted as everyone laughed. "Wow, we sure needed this break, Huh guys?"

"Here, here!" Rokkon's team cheered and Mauler just gave off a drunken mumble.
But when their cheering stopped when a new guy entered the room, looking really beat up and cold. "Who are you?" Rokkon asked.

The man brushed his black hair back with his hand to remove any excess snow that was still in it before he took a seat at Bart's counter. "Do you have any whiskey? I am lost today and I want to get my mind off of what happened.."

"Yes I do." The bartender said as he got out a bottle of the golden drink and he started to poor it into a shot glass, the new guy started to pull out his wallet to pay for his beverage but Bart stopped him when he did. "Don't worry about paying for your drink, the guy that started the party over there is paying for the drinks here for tonight."

The man in the suit wandered over to the new guy when he heard Bart mention him. "Yup, drink as much as you can because you don't have to worry about da price when ya wake up with shitfaced in da afternoon!" Aaron thought of something. "What's ya name? I wanna know who da heck I'm buying drinks for before I pay of dem."

"My name is Leon Polc, what about you mister fancy pants?" Leon asked.

Aaron clicked his fingers. "I gotta say dat ya have a very groovy name. As for meh, I'm Aaron Luke Linsey Harney." He answered with pride. "At ya service for a price."

"Okay... Didn't know you had a full title, but I sure do now." Leon said as he looked back to Bart. "So can I have my whiskey now?"

"Sure man." Bart skipped the shot glass and the bottle of whiskey over to Leon, to which he caught and drink with a smile on his face. "Don't go too overboard with that, I don't want a first time customer getting Cirrhosis on my watch."

Leon chuckled at the irony of his statement. "Yeah, yeah. Cheers guys."
Leon brought his alcoholic drink to his lips and drunk it, his first good drink in a long time.

End of Chapter Four

End of Act One.
When I think about it, this is the most things that I've ever posted in my entire DA journey combined.

Good work to me this year!


Calico-Davis's Profile Picture
Aaron L.L Harney
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Just a normal Pokemon Loving guy that likes to write and talk to other people.
Heck, I even go to as far as inspiring some others so they can keep up their amazing art potential for their future works.

Even though I am a guy of many words, my mind usually tends to wander off a cliff a lot when I'm either thinking of something or not thinking about anything, so that means that I normally always have something to think about in my spare time.

I am a pretty good B-grade student at school, even though I might not show it; I am smarter than I initially let on, but that doesn't mean that I know everything.

At times, I like to invent some delicious foods when I have the time.
My Spicy Pasta dish is as good as my Nacho Fries when I put enough effort into it.

But while I hold up this groovy exterior, I have dealt with loss.
A couple of my previous posts outline the passing of my mother, she passed away on the Fourth of May, 2017...

But enough of the doom and gloom, I have made a duty to make everybody happy; no matter what!

My past was strange, but it will always mean something when you are striding to our future, I will always look back at it for it will never look at me again.

So this is Aaron L.L Harney, saying that you better have an awesome day world!


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